3 Skin-Selfcare Hacks to Get You Through Winter

3 Skin-Selfcare Hacks to Get You Through Winter

The winter months can be a tasking season both on your mental and physical wellbeing. As the temperatures drop, so does our usual exuberance and cheerfulness.

Our skin, as well as the state of our mind, can take a little nosedive as well;  and If you are anything like me, I tire quickly of the icy snow and having to layer tons of clothing before I can step out of the house.

Our bodies respond to the chill and dryness by tensing up, resulting in a unique set of stressors that makes it harder for us to relax or enjoy the day-to-day moments. This takes a toll on our mental health, causing us to suffer fatigue, restlessness, and for some, what is called seasonal depression. Self-care is key to not just survive but to thrive and make the most of the winter months.

This, of course, involves taking proactive steps to care for your skin - your body's largest organ - which takes the larger brunt of the cold and chill.


1. Stay warm, not hot.

Almost everyone I spoke to says they love to take long, hot showers during winter. Unfortunately, this is the wrong course of action. The hot water strips your skin of its natural moisture - whose normal duty it is to keep your skin balanced, healthy, hydrated, and protected. To avoid this, take warm bubble baths that can help to relax your tensed muscles and are an easier, more accessible way to care for yourself in winter.


2. Get some sun in everyday

Lack of sunlight, a direct effect of being cooped up indoors, can negatively affect your mood and sap your mental energy. Push yourself to layer up and go outside for a short while, every day, during daylight hours.

You can pair this up with some visual-guided meditation if it's something you are comfortable with. It is an amazing therapy what a little sunshine can do for your spirit and your body, on the bluest of winter days.


3. Maximize Moisture and Hydration

I cannot stress this point enough! Whatever you do in winter, ensure you invest in products that help your body stay hydrated and your skin moisturized. Buy a good body moisturizer that smells divine, drink as much water as you can, limit your caffeine intake but get in the habit of sipping warm liquids, and invest in weekly mini-facials using our premium biocellulose masks. Your skin will thank you and your spirit will be lifted always whatever the cold temperature is outside.

Winter doesn't have to be dark dreary days that you have to endure or dry, itchy and uncomfortable skin. If you will incorporate these 3 proactive steps highlighted above into your daily routine, it will help ease some of your winter worries and allow you to enjoy most of the fun this season has to offer.

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