The One Truth

“So God created humans to be like Himself; He made them men and women." ~ Genesis 1: 27 CEV

The world loves to talk about how we are different; our preferences, upbringing, culture, ethnicity, gender, facial structure, yet when it comes to beauty, it dictates we can only be beautiful if we look a certain way. 

But the truth is, there is beauty and power in our differences. And it is what we at MIAH call The One Truth, that, no matter our age, skin type, skin color or even the region of the world we live in, we all are made in the image of God, to look like Him and to function as He is.

This is what Beauty Inclusivity means to us; that beauty is God-given, a gift to every person, male and female, no matter their race or skin color. It means no one is left out or unimportant. Inclusive beauty to us is a gift that can be nurtured, and used as a tool to make our lives richer and more enjoyable, to give voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless; not a tool to compete with or shame one another.

MIAH is a modern, divine approach to helping you cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself, through beauty. Our vision is a world where everyone sees themselves as God sees them - UNbroken, UNlimited and UNblemished

Inspired by the knowledge that we are made to look like God and designed to function like Him, we chose to leverage the earth’s goodness, while exploring the power of plant-based chemistry from around the world. Backed by a conscious love for science, we created a line of high-performance skincare using active and herbal ingredients with proven efficacy via third-party, peer-reviewed clinical studies.

Our products are formulated to be Biocompatible: potent, yet gentle, supporting and working with your skin to bring it back into a healthy, balanced state. And yes, we are very BIG on addressing the specific skin concerns that are mostly experienced by melanin-rich types, but has largely been ignored by the industry for so long.

This is how we serve you: by designing products that protects your God-given beauty, crafting stories that empower your wellbeing and leading a community of humans who refuse to be weighed down by societal expectations of beauty, but instead choose to embrace and express their unique beauty in a way that honors God.

We See the UNBLEMISHED Beauty in you.



The MIAH 7 Commandments

* Beauty is a natural resource, a gift from God and a universal element of life that promotes joy and wellbeing. 

* All fear is ungodly; we do not subscribe to or support greenwashing (a.k.a fear mongering)

* There is science. There is fear. And there are such things as harmful substances that should not be in your products - know the difference!

* Your skin is an organ, the largest organ of your body. Treat it with the same respect as you would your heart or kidney

* Not all things “Natural” are good for you and not all things “Chemical” are evil; there’s truly such things as healthy, clean, better-for-you ingredients!


MIAH means ~ Mindful living. Intentional joy. Audacious Goals. Healthy in and out



The MIAH Mantra

Undefined by labels

Unlimited by standards

Unblemished inside and outside

We are liberated from the shackles that bind

We affirm that ours is a life untainted by societal expectations

We daily express the manifold beauty of God who made us to look like Him and function like Him;

We are walking in a newness of life and we dominate on every side.

The world is ours and we shine as stars forevermore.