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Cryo Glow Facial Therapy

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Stainless Steel Cryotherapy Facial Set

Introducing the 2-in-one Cryo Glow Wand designed to help kickstart your morning routine or upgrade your "Skincare is Selfcare Sundays" from basic to spa-like luxury at home. This Cryo Glow Wand harnesses the power of cold temperatures to bring you an invigorating celebrity signature facial experience right in the comfort of your own home, without the uncomfortable price tag.

Product Information

The Cryo Glow Wand is inspired by facial massage in ancient Chinese beauty traditions, combined with the power of cold temperatures to boost oxygen levels into the skin, instantly de-puff, reduce redness, minimize inflammation and enhance nutrient delivery into the skin.

Made with 100% medical-grade stainless steel, this Cryo Glow Wand harnesses cold therapy to bring you an invigorating facial experience, right in the comfort of your own home, without the inconvenience and hefty price tag of luxury spa clinics.

Recommended for

All skin types

No pH

What does it do?

Reduces inflammation caused by irritating products

Repairs skin by increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery

Reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles

Ergonomic shape for optimal face contour

Soothes Redness for a brighter complexion

Prolonged cooling by storing in fridge or freezer

Antibacterial ~ Unlike Jade, and Rose Quartz, this Cryo Glow Wand is made of non-porous stainless steel; which prevents bacteria build-up that can be transferred to your skin

Durable ~ Unlike glass rollers, the Cryo Glow Wand is designed to be your forever side chick, it will not break if you accidentally drop it or crack all over your face because you forgot it in the freezer

Cryo Therapy ~ The topical application of our Cryo Glow Wands will immediately lower the skin's temperature, helping to regulate dermal blood circulation, making it a great tool for soothing stressed, inflamed skin

Naturally cold to the touch ~ you can use as-is during winter or place it in a bowl of ice (or store it in the fridge/freezer) to boost the cold temperature during the hot, summer months

*The power to dial the temperature up or down is yours, depending on what your skin can tolerate

How to use

Use as part of your weekly masking routine or after you’ve applied your toner/treatment serum.

Start from the center of your face and roll outwards to push stagnant lymph away from the face.

Use gentle, light pressure to glide both wands in outward, upward strokes on your face, neck and décolleté

Use the bigger side for jaw/forehead/cheeks and the slimmer side for eyes/brows.

Use for 2 to 5 minutes every morning, and evening!

Combine with one of the following products in order to achieve deeper product penetration, minimize the appearance of pore size, soften the appearance of blemishes, and reduce redness/irritation.:

* Biocellulose Deep Hydrating or Brightening Sheet Masks

* The Unblemished CBG+Bakuchiol Detox Oil

* The Unblemished Berry Bright Skinfood


100% Medical-Grade Stainless Steel


How long before I see results?

You should start to see improvement from the very first use.

The best way to maintain your results is to stick with your routine. Show up daily for yourself and be consistent. Remember, a happy, healthy mind will show up on your face too!

How do I clean the Cryo Glow Wand?

Simply wipe with gentle soap and water. Dry thoroughly.

Replace inside its storage case and keep it inside the fridge or freezer when not in use.

Caution: For external use only. Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children.