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The Rewind and Brighten Bootcamp Kit

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Experience a trifecta of visible results with our Rewind and Brighten Bootcamp Kit, our thoughtfully curated routine to help rewind, brighten and hydrate your skin, bringing back that youthful bounce. Perfect for oily to dry, dehydrated, and combination skin types.

It has everything in the Rewind and Brighten Value Kit, PLUS our 2-in-1, stainless steel, Cryo Glow Wand Tool, perfect for that at-home, celebrity status facial.

Product Information

Is your skin oily yet having dry patches? Do you feel that no matter how much water you drink or splash on your face, it still feels dry and itchy?

Well, it's time to break up with dehydrated, dry, and inflamed skin conditions that leave your skin shiny, and your complexion dull-looking and uneven.

Then bid welcome to The Unblemished Tribe, a skin-health barrier-friendly routine that delivers visible results - inside and out!

The set combines the powerful: Enzyme Calm Cleansing Concentrate, Morning Dew Essence, the Berry Bright 10% Vitamin C serum, AND our 2-piece, stainless steel made, inflammation buster, cold-temperature wielding, Cryo Glow Wand.

The Rewind and Brighten Bootcamp Kit is an advanced, gentle, more loving routine for healthier, super moisturized, even-toned skin that doesn't leave you shiny and greasy.

Leaves you with a glowing, even complexion!

Recommended for

Best for Oily, Inflamed, and Dehydrated/Dry Skin conditions.

What does it do?

* Deeply cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural moisture barrier

* Helps alleviate dehydration, dryness and deeply hydrates to prevent moisture loss

* Boosts skin firmness and suppleness

* Increases skin radiance by enhancing the appearance of your tone and texture

* Calms and soothes red, inflamed skin

* Helps relieve the signs of aging caused by stress, lifestyle, pollution, loss of firmness, lines and wrinkles, and the appearance of dark spots.

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